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With lumber prices reaching a near all-time high, building a new home will become far more expensive. Canadian homebuilders are predicting that the cost of building a single family home will increase by $8,000 to $10,000. Many builders are in the works of passing these increased costs onto their customers to make up for losses.

The most important factor contributing to increased lumber costs is the drop in supply. Canandia lumber production decreased by 18.9 percent. Due to the wild fires and pine beetle infestations in British Columbia, several mills were shut down for all of 2020, decreasing the province’s lumber production by 26.2 per cent.

The lumber shortage and rise in costs means that the price of building houses all over the country is going to increase rapidly. Builders can’t afford to cover the lost revenue from the high cost of building supplies, and they will need to pass those additional costs onto their customers.

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Information and research from the CBC article, "Record lumber prices adding thousands of dollars to new home building costs". To read more visit:

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